HV OIL Incorporated


HV Oil Incorporated provides laboratory and field services for high voltage electric equipment, focusing on Safety and Reliability. We provide lab analysis, sample collection, consultation, and training services relating to oil filled electrical equipment, such as transformers, tap changers, breakers, de-salters, and cable oil.

Our SROM™ package includes tests and consultation designed to predict faults, minimizing potential downtime due to unexpected outages.

We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, and our facilities are audited to meet ISO 17025 quality standards.
Field Services
Sample Collection - Using our in-house fittings and double spill containment to ensure a representative sample with no spills.
Overall visual assessment of transformer, including: checks of gauges and valves, identification of leaks, desiccant checks, recording and verification of nameplate information for database entry.
Nitrogen purging for units under vacuum
Oil level check using tubing/manometer method to find true level
OFF-line transformer oil top-up
ON-line transformer oil top-up for units under 75kV
Oil De-Gassing
Sample collection training
Laboratory Services
Dissolved Gas Analysis D3612-02
Water Content of Insulating Liquids D1533-12
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (using Disk Electrodes) D877
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (using VDE Electrodes) D1816-12
Relative Density of Insulating Liquids D1298-12B
Power Factor (25°C and 100°C) D924-15
Acid Number D974-14e2
Interfacial Tension of Oil D971-12
Oxidation Inhibitors (DBP and DBPC) D2668-07
Color Number D1500-12
Visual Examination D1524-15
Particle Count D6786-15
Furanic Compounds D5837-15
Metal in Oil / Silicon Analysis D3635-01
Density D4052-16
Viscosity D445-17A
PCB in Oil D4059-00